5 Questions to Ask About Attachments

Dental attachments are an essential part of clear aligners, and in this article, we will talk about the top 5 things you should know about Eon Aligner attachments and their role in the teeth straightening process

What are Dental Attchments?

They are tiny, tooth-colored pieces of composite filling material that are bonded to the teeth to help aligners move them. These attachments are usually placed around the middle of the tooth, serving as an anchor or brace on which the aligner exerts some force to work more effectively.

Why do we use them?

Sometimes, in complex cases, the teeth may be severely rotated and an aligner alone can’t do the job of moving the teeth and needs assistance from attachments. These small pieces create an active surface that can help facilitate teeth movements and improve the efficacy of the aligner.

What are they made from?

Attachments are made from a composite material and come in many different shapes and sizes, giving the aligners a surface to push and rotate the teeth accordingly. They are custom-made for each individual’s orthodontic treatment.

Are they visible?

Usually, dental attachments are barely visible and worn only during specific stages of the teeth straightening process. They come in a color that matches your natural tooth color and blends in well.

When do you remove attachments?

Attachments can be removed once the teeth are done moving and have made their way into their proper positions. There can be cases where the attachments may fall off, and that’s okay. Assure your patient and get them to visit you as soon as possible to avoid any unwanted movements or delay the treatment.

In Conclusion

Dental attachments are small, painless, tooth-colored pieces placed on the teeth to help in straightening. They create an active surface on the teeth and allow them to move into the desired positions.

Your patient’s aligners will change, but their attachments will not. It’s crucial to advise your patient to practice good oral hygiene and clean their attachments thoroughly. Attachments are stainless, but having repetitive colored drinks might affect them, so it’s a good idea to brush well to avoid discoloration. 

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