Clinical Excellence Leads to Excellent Results

Experience the difference that orthodontist-led treatment plans and a powerful case management software can make in your practice and your patients' smiles.

Easy-to-use Case Management Platform

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Full digital workflow

Manage your cases and logistics and all in one digital platform.

3D treatment viewer

Receive your customized treatment plan, which includes treatment details such as IPR and attachments. Enjoy a 3D view of your cases as well as the ability to quickly communicate any changes to the treatment plan with our clinical team.  

Share with patients

Give patients the ability to visualize their treatment plans and future smiles with our 3D treatment viewer.

Clinical Support Along Your Clear Aligner Journey

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Case assessment

We assess your case and help you with case selection and determining the right package.

Treatment plans

We create ready-to-approve treatment plans with industry low adjustment rates to help you deliver the best results to your patients.

On-demand clinical support

We support you throughout your case and address all your concerns and inquiries across all stages from case selection to refinements and adjustments.

A package for every case

Eon Basic

Used for mild cases

Aligner Steps: 10 or less
Duration: 9 months
Delivery: One shipment

TS Revisions: 3
Refinements*: 1
Retainer(set): 1

Eon Plus

Used for mild to moderate

Aligner Steps: 11-24 or less
Duration: 18 months
Delivery: One shipment

TS Revisions: 3
Refinements*: 3
Retainer (set): 1

Eon Pro

Used for advanced cases

Aligner Steps: Unlimited
Duration: 36 months
Delivery: Multiple shipments

TS Revisions: Unlimited
Refinements: Unlimited until desired patient outcome is achieved**
Retainers (set): 2

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