An Optimised Workflow
that Provides Excellent

Quality-Focused System

Our team performs a thorough check of your submitted case records to ensure they meet the appropriate clinical standards.

Customized Treatment Plan Generation

 We develop a customized treatment plan based on your recommendations. 

Orthodontist Approved Treatment Setup

Our orthodontist-led clinical specialists ensure the treatment setup meets all clinical considerations before sending it to you for approval.

Eon Access

Advanced case management software featuring a user-friendly experience, putting you directly in touch with our dedicated team of clinicians.

Submit patient cases and records.

Manage treatment plans.

Plan cases at every step with advanced 3D visualization.

Share treatment plans with your patients.

Communicate with our team of clinicians,  available on-demand.

Log in to Eon Access from any device.

Packages Designed Around Your Needs

Eon Basic

Best for mild cases like crowding, spacing, or relapse cases.
10 aligner steps or less
Treatment duration: 9 months
Delivered in one shipment

Includes: 3 TS Revisions + 1 Refinement* + 1 Retainer (set)

Eon Plus

Covers a wide range of mild to moderate cases
11-24 aligner steps or less
Treatment duration: 18 months
Delivered in one shipment

Includes: 3 TS Revisions + 3 Refinements* + 1 Retainer (set)

Eon Pro

Ideal for advanced cases requiring extraction or A-P correction.
Unlimited aligner steps
Treatment duration: 36 months
Delivered in multiple shipments

Includes: as many TS Revisions + Refinements needed to achieve the desired patient outcome** + 2 Retainers (set)

*Refinements are limited to the number of initial treatment setup steps, provided that the initial treatment goals do not change.
** Terms and conditions apply.

Additional charges apply for:

  • Submission of physical impressions instead of STL files.
  • Treatment setup revisions exceeding the package limit.
  • Refinements exceeding the package limit.
  • Replacement aligners or additional aligners exceeding the package limit.
  • Additional retainers.