About Eon Aligner

Eon Aligner is a subsidiary of Eon Dental, one of the largest manufacturers of clear aligners globally. Our mission is to democratize smiles and empower doctors to deliver exceptional results to their patients.

With a strong focus on the MENA region, we have expanded our product offerings and established ourselves as a trusted partner to doctors to ensure clinical and commercial success.

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Our Promise to Doctors

At Eon Aligner, we are committed to being true partners to doctors. We believe that the quality of orthodontic treatments is closely tied to the expertise of dental professionals recognizing that dentists are best equipped to transform smiles.

That's why we provide a direct-to-doctor solution offering ready-to-approve treatment plans with low refinement and adjustment rates along with gold-standard support and one of a kind educational activities.

In short, we are committed to empowering doctors to achieve clinical and commercial success.

Our Commitment to Patients

Eon Aligner patients can benefit from our extensive network of top-tier doctors. These professionals work closely with our clinical team to create optimal treatment plans, helping patients achieve their dream smiles.

Choosing Eon Aligner means placing trust in a network of doctors and dental professionals who prioritize patients' oral health and happiness.

Corporate Culture

At Eon Dental, we understand that hiring the right people makes the world of a difference in how well we can deliver on our promise to doctors and patients. We strive to create a friendly and inclusive environment that is conducive to creativity and innovation.