High Quality, High Value

Thanks to our own cutting-edge technology, we can produce competitively priced clear aligners, while maintaining top-notch quality.

Crack & stain resistant

Our durability has been proven through extensive studies.

Patient Comfort

More comfortable compared to metal braces.

Nearly Invisible

Our clear aligners are polished and trimmed to ensure a nearly invisible experience.

Gingival Scalloping

Scalloped trim lines offer a more comfortable fit, improving patient commitment and reducing treatment duration.

More Comfortable,
Faster Results

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Eon Aligner applies 40% less initial force than other aligner materials on insertion. This combined with Eon Aligner’s 150% higher orthodontic force over time makes teeth movements faster and more comfortable. (Zendura Dental 2022). Ultimately, this allows doctors to treat a larger number of patients and offer them a shorter treatment duration.

MENA-based Manufacturing, International Standards

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