Why Do Clear Aligners Represent the Future of Ortho-Care?

Over the last decade, there has been an astonishing rise in orthodontic patients using clear aligners to correct their teeth. Clear aligners have become the popular alternative to braces, thanks to their invisibility and the fact that the treatment is less obtrusive and painful than traditional braces.

Nowadays, dentists are also trying to meet the high demand from their patients who are seeking a more aesthetic orthodontic treatment. That is why they need to look for the perfect manufacturing fit to match their patient’s expectations and ensure their practice growth.

A Little Backstory

Although dental aligners might seem like a relatively novel technology, their origin can be traced back to 1925, when Orrin Remensnyder invented the ‘Flex-O-Tite’ gum massaging appliance and noticed that during the treatment, it moved the teeth marginally, which was the 1st step in the journey of creating dental aligners

Following that, multiple tools and mechanisms were developed, like the tooth positioner by Kesling and Nahoum’s plastic sheets, which were further researched, developed, and popularized to reach the stage of clear Aligners as we know them today.

Present-Day Aligners

With their high technology and sophisticated R&D, clear dental aligners have become one of the most advanced techniques to solve dental issues, mainly due to their ease of use, short-term treatment, and invisible look, making them one of the most popular options for patients across the world. 

With Eon Aligner being among the industry’s pioneers, we are working continuously on developing manufacturing technologies, medical service software, and many other support services for doctors to ensure that Eon Aligner stays their 1st choice.

The Covid-19 Pandemic and its Effect on the Industry

We can not talk about the future without mentioning the COVID-19 outbreak, which took the world by surprise and affected most businesses globally since December 2019. The outbreak’s impact has placed many clear aligner manufacturing companies under pressure due to disruption in supply chains and the fact that direct contact with patients is vital for the process. 

Luckily most businesses managed to recover fast due to developing high hygienic standards and vaccines policy. It has also been noticed that the demand for clear aligners bounced back up due to the self-love, self-care, and quarantine glow-up trends on social media, which encouraged people to look after their health and raise their self-esteem.


The Future is Now!

It is undeniable that clear aligners keep on getting better over time. Not only on the final results but also the process of getting the ortho-care itself! The implementation of high-tech assistance like 3D scans and specialized dental case follow-up software opened up exciting opportunities for both manufacturers and dentists, who can now treat a broader range of cases with the highest standards. 

At Eon Aligner, we work hand in hand with dentists and empower them with high-quality clear aligner solutions, special clinical training, and on-demand support to assist the growth and success of their practice.

In addition to that, Eon Aligner allows dentists to boost their practice quality and performance by using Eon Access, an advanced case management software featuring a user-friendly experience that puts dentists in touch with our dedicated team of clinicians and experts. 

Eon Access will ensure that dentists get high-quality customized treatment plans generated based on their recommendations while meeting appropriate clinical orthodontics standards.

Today, dentists get to put their skills into providing a comprehensive service that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to grow the practice and reach out to more patients looking for their perfect smile!  

In simple words, Eon Aligner represents an excellent opportunity for dentists

If you are a dentist looking for an opportunity to empower your practice, fill in the form to become an Eon Aligner provider.