Eon Rolls Out Forward-Thinking Fully Digital Clear Aligner Management Platform

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Eon Dental, a full service clear aligner partner that is driving the design, development, and production of innovative aligner solutions, today announced the launch of the new Eon Access, a digital management platform that gives doctors better control over their clear aligner cases, empowering them with a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution to record and maintain numerous advanced patient treatment details.

With the new Eon Access, clinicians benefit from several new features, starting with Hybrid treatments, a guided treatment setups, detailed table of movements, and higher-resolution 3D teeth models, all of which enable them to create highly customized treatment plans for their patients.

The web-based software platform can be accessed by providers anytime and anywhere, ensuring reliable, fast, and seamless patient care. With the addition of an on-demand specialist support system to a handy patient management portal that allows doctors to record patient information, drag and drop clinical photos or X-rays, and set advanced treatment preferences, Eon Access furnishes clinicians with a complete, robust toolkit to confidently manage their aligner cases.

Doctors can set their treatment preferences and put in comments or special requests for the clinical team as needed. Before each treatment step, doctors can choose the rate of tooth movement, review interproximal reductions (IPRs), and manage the use of tooth attachments, pontics, and torque enhancers.

"We are excited to roll out the new Eon Access to all of our customers," said Dr Marc Geserick, Consultant Orthodontist. "Using the vast array of tools available on the platform, providers can get fully involved in their patient's treatment plans.

“Our innovative platform technology has been developed by seasoned experts in global enterprise software and medical technologies. We're enabling clinicians to combine aligner treatments with bracket therapy and offer a hybrid treatment experience," said Qais Sabri, Founder, and CEO, Eon Dental. “Our primary objective is to create a great user experience for our customers and help them deliver high-quality aligner treatments with a fast turnaround time.”

To support the software launch, Eon has also launched the “Eon Academy”, an e-learning platform curated for doctors, on February 1st. The platform offers extensive clinical training and bespoke content for doctors to learn from and get certified with, including onboarding courses, diversified modules, and more.



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