How to Improve Clear Aligners Profitability in 2023

Written by Dr. Febin Mary George, BDS | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Zein El Hammouz, DDS, MFD/RCSI.

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  1. How Clear Aligners Can Skyrocket Your Clinic Profits
  2. How to Increase Clear Aligners Acceptance
  3. Clear Aligner Market Overview (2022)

Clear aligners have gained popularity ever since their introduction owing to the unique perks that they offer. Patients favor them because of their virtually invisible appearance and increased comfort. On the other hand, clinicians find them attractive owing to several benefits like reduced chair time and better orthodontic treatment outcomes. In this article, let us understand how clear aligners profitability can make a significant contribution to increasing the total revenue of your practice.

How Clear Aligners Can Skyrocket Your Clinic Profits

The clear aligner industry has shown a positive growth curve ever since the concept of clear aligners was introduced in the field of braces. There has been a steady hike in the number of clear aligner companies as well. If you are still asking the question- “Are clear aligners profitable?” and doubting if  introducing this latest orthodontic innovation in your practice will be of benefit then you should read the below-mentioned points:


infographic on how clear aligners can help you grow your clinic

Less Chair Time = More Patients

Reduced chair time is one of the significant reasons for clear aligners profitability. Traditional braces often need frequent follow-up visits where the progress of the treatment needs to be evaluated. While the placement of brackets can take anywhere between half an hour to one hour in conventional braces, one can complete the initial session of fitting clear aligners within 5 to 10 minutes. Thus, the time saved through clear aligners can be utilized productively in accepting more cases or performing other profitable dental treatment procedures. Moreover, doctors can boost their clinic revenue by offering clear aligners to patients living abroad who cannot visit the dental office for frequent follow-ups.

Less Team Time

When it comes to clear aligner therapy, almost the entire process is software-assisted and can be performed outside the clinic. This means that doctors can spend more time focusing on more profitable initiatives. Such as, reducing the patient wait time, enhancing communication between staff, ensuring all clinical and management processes are efficient etc.

More Profitable Than Conventional Braces

A study was conducted to compare the clear aligners profit with that of conventional braces.1 It revealed that clear aligners could provide the dentist a profit of around $1000 per hour of chairside time which is roughly $250 more than the profit provided by conventional braces. Now, that’s huge, isn't it!

Better Patient Comfort

Clear aligners are undoubtedly more comfortable than traditional braces. It is far easier to maintain oral hygiene with clear aligners than with traditional braces. Moreover, the smooth material of clear aligners takes away all the woes of loose wires, detached brackets, and painful bruises.


Man with curly brown heair putting invisible aligners in teeth

Fewer Case Revisions

When you spend some extra time on your treatment plan preparation, your efforts will surely pay off as you will need fewer case revisions, thereby ensuring better profitability.

Better Treatment Planning

Treatment planning with clear aligners has been revolutionized through the use of digital technology and is no longer a pure manual affair. Clinicians can generate accurate, computerized virtual plans and bring about the necessary modifications with the help of specialized software.3


 Clear aligner software that enables orthodontic labs and clinics to manufacture clear aligners in-house

Efficient Scheduling

Due to the lower chairside time taken by each clear aligner patient, it is easier to schedule a higher number of cases each day.

Acts As A Superb Referral Tool

Your clear aligner patients act as brand ambassadors of your practice who can bring you more cases. Moreover, you may get referrals from practices that have not yet adopted clear aligners.

Helps Differentiate The Clinic

Introducing clear aligners in your clinic can help you build a solid brand. Remember, the demand for clear aligners is growing day-by-day. If you do not provide them with clear aligners, they will look for others who do. Therefore, become a certified Eon Aligner provider and level up like never before!


Benefits of adopting aligners in orthodontic clinics for dentists

How Do I Increase Clear Aligners Acceptance?

When you first introduce clear aligners to your patients, they may be skeptical about their effectiveness. As a clinician, you play a big role in the patient’s clear aligners acceptance. If you yourself are convinced of the magnificent potential of clear aligners to transform smiles, you will be able to convince your patients easily. Listed below are a few strategies that can be used to increase clear aligners acceptance:

  • 3D scanning- By introducing 3D scanners to patients, it becomes easier to explain various dental conditions. You can show the patient the actual position and appearance of his/her teeth and the corrections that need to be brought about. Instead of leaving everything to their imagination, digital simulations help the patients understand how the position of their teeth can be changed and how that may bring about a positive change in their smile and overall appearance.
  • Flexible payment options- Even if your patients are aware of their dental condition, they may not be willing to take the plunge, primarily, because of the payment plan. Presenting a budget-friendly payment plan is another smart strategy to increase clear aligners profitability. Splitting the fee into convenient monthly installments can be a good alternative to one-time payments.
  • Patient education- Creating awareness about clear aligners and how they work can go a long way in boosting your clinic revenue. When patients understand the benefits of clear aligners in detail they will certainly think of investing in the treatments.
  • Video testimonials- This is a subtle way of marketing wherein you don’t talk directly to your prospective patients. By playing looped video testimonials in the clinic waiting rooms, you can let your patients know you offer clear aligners. In addition, recording good patient testimonials and posting them on your clinic’s social media channels is a great practice. It will give your prospective patients the confidence to book a consultation with you right away!

Clear Aligners Profitability & Market Growth in 2022

The demand for clear aligners has shown a steady hike over the past few years owing to many factors such as; increase in the number of malocclusion cases, rise in orthodontic technological advancements and a positive inclination towards customized invisible aligners. While the current clear aligners market size value in 2022 is estimated to be USD 4 billion, it is expected to increase by CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 29.5% till 2030.4 This data should be strong enough to clarify your doubts like- ‘Are clear aligners worth it?’!



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