Eon Aligner Case Gallery: Key Benefits & Case Studies Using Aligners

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Table of Content

  1. What would you find in our case gallery?
  2. Key Features and Benefits of the Eon Case Gallery
  3. How to submit a case?
  4. Winners of “Best Eon Cases 2022”

What would you find in our case gallery?

The Eon Case Gallery portrays a range of cases treated using Eon Aligners. Under each case we have:

  • Doctor’s information: Information regarding the doctor,  their contact details, and years of expertise with clear aligner treatments.

doctor profile on eon aligner case gallery

  • Treatment Summary: Patient’s chief complaint and treatment summary, including the wear cycle, number of aligners used, and duration of treatment.

treatment summary on eon aligner case gallery

  • Treatment Images: Before and after photos taken from different aspects, highlighting the movement of teeth in both jaws.

treatment photos on eon aligner case gallery

  • Treatment Plan: 3D simulation of the treatment plan for both arch forms.

treatment plan on case gallery

Winners of Best Eon Cases for the year are also showcased to celebrate how clear aligners can be used to treat even complex orthodontic cases.

Key Features and Benefits of the Eon Case Gallery

1. Patient Education

A lot of patients are unaware of the extent of malocclusions that aligners can correct. The case gallery can be a useful tool to help showcase mild to moderate to complex cases that aligners can treat.

2. Patient Motivation:

Patients can see before and after photos of similar cases that have been treated using Eon Aligners. This will motivate them to get started with clear aligners and build their confidence.

3. Exposure for Your Dental Practice:

Making use of this platform will help you and your work get noticed by more people. This will help drive customers to your clinics.

4. Marketing Tool:

Showcasing the case gallery in the patient waiting areas is a great in-clinic marketing strategy, which builds the patient’s trust in clear aligner treatments.

5. Instills Trust in Doctor:

When patients view past cases treated by their doctor, it instills a sense of trust towards the doctor.

6. Showcasing Mutual Success:

You can appreciate not only your own case but also the cases treated by other Doctors using the platform. It’s a win for you and a win for us!

How to submit a case?

The steps to submit a case are simple and straightforward. Nevertheless, it is imperative to obtain a consent form from the patient.

screen showing how to submit a case on eon case gallery

To get your case featured in the Eon Case Gallery, follow the below steps:

  1. Choose your best before and after treatment images.
  2. Provide us with your case details here, attaching the consent form and case photos.
  3. You can also mail marketing@eonaligner.com, or WhatsApp +962782811107 along with your Case ID to submit the case.
  4. Extraoral and progress images are optional.

Latest Orthodontic Treatment with Clear Aligners:

1. Crowding:

A patient came to the dental clinic concerned about his unaesthetic smile. Dr. Mazin Haider noted that he had crowding in both arches. The treatment was planned for 15 months, using 25 aligners for the upper arch and 31 aligners for the lower arch, with a wear cycle of 2 weeks. The patient was extremely pleased with the results.

2. Crossbite:

A patient presented with a case of anterior crossbite to Dr. Mohannad Al Aker. He used 36 aligners for the upper arch and 30 aligners for the lower arch. Over the course of 18 months, the teeth moved into an ideal position with the correction of overjet and overbite.

3. Anterior open bite:  

Dr. Salim Qadri treated a case of anterior open bite using 30 aligners for the upper arch and 20 aligners for the lower arch, initially. He then used 10 maxillary and 17 mandibular aligners for refinements. The wear cycle was 1 week each, and the treatment duration was 10 months.

4. Deep bite:

For a relapsing case of deep bite and poor periodontal health, Dr. Salim used 25 aligners for the upper arch and 30 aligners for the lower arch. He went on to use 6 aligners for the upper and 10 aligners for the lower as refinements.

5. Spacing:

Dr. Wassim Assaf treated a case of spacing in the upper and lower arches by using 14 aligners for both upper and lower arches and an additional 6 upper aligners for refinement of the case. This treatment lasting for 10 months, resulted in a more symmetrical arch form with no open contacts.

6. Cosmetic treatment:

Dr. Mais Khatetbeh used 20 aligners for the upper and lower arches, along with 18 aligners for refinement over a duration of 19 months to close midline spacing and aesthetically correct the patient’s smile.

Winners of “Best Eon Cases 2022”

Dr. Jamal Zoubi treated a case of severe anterior open bite of 4mms with 31 aligners for the upper arch and 29 aligners for the lower arch. Additionally, 15 upper and lower arch aligners were used for further refinement. This treatment lasted for 15 months, resulting in the correction of open bite and inter-arch alignment.

For a case with severe crowding of both arches, rotated upper lateral incisors, and alignment of lower right lateral and canine, Dr. Chadi El Kasser used 34 aligners for the upper arch, 26 aligners for the lower arch along with 20 aligners for upper and lower arches for the refinement of the case. After 27 months of treatment, the patient’s smile had significantly improved with the correction of the arch alignment and symmetry.

Do you have a case that you’d like to feature on the Eon Case gallery? Submit a Case and showcase your best treatments!



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