Clear Aligners Vs. Transparent Braces

How is Eon Aligner different from other aligners? Let’s take a look. 


Eon Aligner is fabricated using a medical-grade, FDA-approved, polyurethane material and has a 3-layer construction. The aligner has a rigid outer layer, an elastomeric middle layer, and a final inner layer to deliver effective and constant forces on the teeth. 

  • Rigid outer layer

Offers protection to the aligner; prevents wear and tear, scratches, and damage from biting forces.

  • Elastomeric middle layer

Imparts flexibility and elasticity to the aligner. 

  • Inner Layer

Allows correct fit around the teeth; helps in more controlled tooth movements.

Active Orthodontic Force 

Eon Aligner applies 40% less initial force than other aligner materials on insertion. Therefore, it is more comfortable upon insertion, when compared to other aligners. Eon Aligner also demonstrates 150% higher orthodontic force over time, which ensures that force delivery builds up over time and effectively contributes to teeth movements. Ultimately, doctors can shorten the overall treatment time and reduce the number of aligner wear hours as the movement occurs faster.

Crack resistance 

Eon Aligner has high crack resistance which means it does not break or crack easily after a fall, or under heavy biting forces. Fewer cracks mean you are safe from bacteria growing on your aligner after regular wear, 

Stain and Odor resistance

Orthodontic aligners are meant to be worn for 20-22 hours a day and removed only while eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth. If each aligner is worn for 20 hours a day for 14 days that means that each aligner is worn for a minimum of 280 hours! That’s lots of opportunity for staining and odor retention which no one wants, that's why we’ve developed Eon Aligner to have a high odor and stain-resistance. 

Scalloped Trim lines

Eon Aligner has scalloped trim lines for a more comfortable fit. This improves patient commitment to wearing the aligners for the required hours in the day and shortens the overall treatment time. 

Hand Finished 

Eon Aligner is trimmed with precision and finished by hand to ensure smooth contours all over, thus increasing comfort upon wear. 

If you want to get that perfect smile you’ve always wanted, then Eon Aligner is the choice for you! Fill in the form here, and our team will contact you to connect you with the nearest Eon-certified doctor in your city.