Why Eon Aligner?

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Beautiful and fast results

Our quality clear aligners and effective treatment plans ensure receiving the smile you've always dreamt of. You can count on guaranteed results in record time.

Quality aligners, speedy delivery

Our aligners are produced in our state-of-the-art facility to the highest international standards meaning you get quality aligners delivered within a week or two! Our proximity to you helps us service your doctor better and faster.

Eon Aligner doctors, wherever you are!

Wherever you are, you can find an Eon Aligner doctor with our network of over 3,000 doctors in the MENA region. We work closely with Eon Aligner doctors to ensure that you get the results you have always wished for!

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Eon Aligner Starter Kit

Your kit will include the initial trays, aligner case, chewies and aligner removal tool

Aligner Removal Tool

To make removing your clear aligners easy and more hygienic.


Chew on these when inserting your clear aligners to make sure they fit your teeth perfectly.

Aligner Case

Your new best friend. Safely store your clear aligners inside when eating or drinking.

The Initial Trays

Every individual step of clear aligners is called a tray - you switch these out every 1-2 weeks depending on your treatment plan.

Your dream smile is within reach

Finding an Eon Aligner doctor is your next step

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