Open Bite

When your top and bottom teeth do not meet either at the front or back when your mouth is fully closed.

What causes an Open Bite?

  • Genetics.
  • Oral Habits (thumb sucking, lower lip biting).
  • Lack of space in the jaw.
  • Habitual forward tongue positioning.
  • Incorrect swallowing habit.
  • Traumatic injury to the jaw.

What happens if you don’t treat an Open Bite?

It can affect the attractiveness of your smile and also cause problems in biting, chewing, and speech. Sometimes, an open bite can cause jaw joint issues, snoring issues, and headaches. 

Can Eon Aligner correct an Open Bite?

Yes, Eon Aligner are highly effective in correcting open bites. Our Eon Aligner certified doctors can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth.