Crossbite & Underbite

When one or more of your bottom teeth sit outside your top teeth, instead of the usual position they are in (inside the top teeth).

Types of Crossbite 

1. Crossbite on some back teeth (one side or both sides).
2. Crossbite on some front teeth.
3. Single tooth crossbite. 
4. Underbite (crossbite on all the front teeth).

What causes a Crossbite?

  • Genetics.
  • Variation in bone structure. 
  • Oral habits (mouth breathing, thumb sucking).
  • Losing the baby teeth before the permanent teeth come in.
  • Prolonged used of baby pacifiers beyond three years of age.

What happens if you don’t treat a Crossbite?

You can have aesthetic problems, chewing problems, tooth pain, jaw pain, headaches, speech slurring or lisps.


Can Eon Aligner correct a Crossbite?

Yes, Eon Aligner can discreetly correct some types of crossbites. Our Eon Aligner certified doctors can help you achieve a healthy, beautiful smile with perfectly aligned teeth.