Introducing 3D Controls

Precision and Control Redefined

It’s finally time to say hello to 3D controls! Designed to enhance your treatment planning experience, these controls offer enhanced precision and ease, transforming how you manage your Eon Aligner cases.

Why 3D Controls?

As you may know, Eon Aligner provides ready-to-approve treatment plans orthodontically-verified. However, you might at times have some minor adjustments to them. With our 3D Controls

-You'll minimize the back-and-forth communication on your treatment set-ups.

-Expect faster revisions

-More precision and refined positioning according to your clinical needs

Our 3D controls streamline your workflow, bringing more accuracy and clarity to every treatment plan. Experience a new level of control and visualization, ensuring that each adjustment is exactly as you envision. 

Key Features of 3D Controls:

Modifying Attachments:

Choose the perfect attachment to enable the application of a wide variety of forces, increasing your confidence in the patient’s treatment outcomes.

Adjusting Teeth Positions:

Fine-tune tooth movements with a few clicks, ensuring precise alignment and optimal outcomes.

Modify IPR & Spacing:

Effortlessly add or edit interproximal reduction and spacing for the best results

These features are part of a broader upgrade, encompassing new features added  to the 3D Treatment Viewer and an intuitive overhaul of the Eon Access homepage.

Be Among the First to Experience 3D Controls

We're offering you the opportunity to use 3D controls before its official launch via an Early Access Release*.

Your feedback during this period will shape the future of 3D Controls, guiding us on what matters most to you.

*Early access is based on a first come first serve basis. 

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