Comfortable or Constrained: The Real Comparison Between Clear and Metal Braces

We always hear the phrase… Beauty is Pain; but does it have to be like that?

One of the many reasons people gravitate toward invisible braces or aligners is that the perceived discomfort is far less than that of metal braces. Well, this does not need a lot of thought or complicated research to prove.

How much “Discomfort” should one expect: Metal Braces vs. Aligners.

There are multiple reasons why metal braces tend to be more uncomfortable compared to aligners and that is mainly due to :

Friction: The metal brackets and wires in metal braces rub against the smooth and highly sensitive tissue of the gums, lips, and cheek linings. This often causes development of small ulcers or injury to the soft tissues. On the other hand, clear aligners have a smooth and seamless structure that goes undetected to the eye and blends in flawlessly with the mouth structure and lining. They are more comfortable to wear than metal braces. 

Eating: Everyone who's tried metal braces will tell you that eating is a total nightmare! Not only will you have a limited menu for the duration of your treatment but will also face discomfort while eating due to the metal brackets around your teeth. However, clear aligners do not interfere with your eating routine or habits, as you can easily remove them during your mealtime and place them back on once you’re done eating. There’s absolutely no interruption of your daily activities.

Dental hygiene routine: As if the presence of metal brackets is not uncomfortable enough, you will be faced with the daily struggles of maintaining proper oral hygiene. With metal braces, you can wave your normal tooth brushing habits goodbye! You will have to learn new brushing techniques to be able to clean your teeth effectively. On the other hand, with clear aligners, nothing changes! You just remove it for a few minutes, brush your teeth and put it back on without the need for a complicated technical process.

Comfort: very important in teeth correction

Not only are aligners invisible, removable and straighten your teeth in half the time, but they are also extremely gentle on the gums. Aligners are worn on the teeth for 22 hours a day but can be removed to eat, drink, brush and floss whenever you want! The material is flexible and smooth due to the high technology used in manufacturing the aligners.

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