Why Eon Aligner?


A Complete Doctor-driven Treatment

Eon Aligner doctors are trained and certified to provide effective clear aligner treatment. Your doctor will schedule regular follow-ups to monitor your progress, ensure your teeth are moving correctly into their desired positions and deliver your next set of aligners, if required.



Aligners Delivered Before You Know It

We begin aligner manufacturing as soon as your treatment plan is approved. It usually takes 3-5 working days for your aligners to be delivered, after which your doctor will call you in to get them fitted on you.



A Beautiful Smile at a Competitive Price

Not only is Eon Aligner made of a high-performing material that boasts longer active force, exceptional tear strength and greater stain resistance, it’s also competitively priced. No more excuses to delay getting that perfect smile!




Maintenance of your New Smile

Retainers are critical to the success of your orthodontic treatment as they ensure your teeth stay in the same position and do not move back or relapse to their old positions. That’s why Eon Aligner includes free retainers in your treatment plan.


In-person doctor-driven treatment
Faster Aligner Delivery
More Affordable
Free Retainer
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Online Aligners