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Treatable Indications

No more metal teeth braces for your patients: join the future of orthodontics with eon Aligner


eon Aligner gets the job done effectively and discreetly – whether your patients have mild relapses or severe, untreated malocclusions. Our clear aligners are uniquely flexible, and can treat teenagers and adults alike.

Crowding clear Aligner


Teeth are too close together

Spacing teeth clear Aligner


Gaps between teeth

Overbite clear Aligner


Vertical overlap

Openbite clear Aligner


Teeth do not meet when you bite

Crossbite case


Upper and lower teeth bite on the wrong side of each other

Over Jet Aligner

Over Jet

Upper front teeth are flared

Deepbite case


Center lines of upper and lower teeth don't align

Underbite case


Lower teeth stick out over upper teeth

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