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Treatable cases with eon Aligner

Crooked teeth treatment with dental braces might cause inconvenience and gums irritation.
Check the treatable cases with eon Aligner and make a clear decision.


eon Aligner straightens crooked teeth effectively and discreetly – whether you have a mild relapse or severe, untreated malocclusion. Our invisible braces are uniquely flexible, and can treat teenagers and adults alike. See the cases of crowding, spacing (diastema, teeth gap), overbite types of malocclusion that eon Aligner can treat.

Crowding clear Aligner


Teeth are crowded and
appear to not have enough space

Spacing teeth clear Aligner


Visible gaps are apparent
between teeth

Overbite clear Aligner


The upper set of teeth vertically overlap the lower arch

Openbite clear Aligner


The teeth do not meet
when biting

Crossbite case


The upper and lower teeth bite
on the wrong side of each other

Over Jet Aligner

Over Jet

The upper teeth are flared

Deepbite case


The upper teeth almost completely overlap the lower front teeth

Underbite case


The lower teeth protrude over
the upper teeth

dental invisible braces

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