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Results with eon Aligner

Take a look at some of the successful results of the eon Aligner teeth straightening process. The Invisible Alternative To Braces.

Actual Results With eon Aligners

Click on the images below to see the before and after pictures of actual orthodontic cases that were treated with eon Aligner.


Now that you know there is a better option for teeth straightening than metal braces,
why would you consider anything else? eon Aligner is only 0.3mm thin
and each aligner is customized to each patient's unique case.

eon Aligner. An effective and discreet alternative to orthodontic braces.

Easy & Discreet Approach

Treating your crooked teeth with eon Aligner could not be easier. Not only are our aligners just as effective as traditional braces at correcting teeth, they are also practically invisible, removable and have minimal impact on your lifestyle.

Our material sets us apart from other aligner manufacturers. In a test conducted by the Gardner institute, our material was found to be:

  • 2x more crack resistant;

  • 18% longer active force;

  • more than 3x stain resistant.

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Trusted by Patients

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Honestly, I was skeptical at first but as you can see the results are nothing short of great! eon made it easy and convenient for me to take care of my overbite without having to worry about appearance on screen! Most of my colleagues didn't even notice my aligner until I showed it to them.

Samantha Y. - 28 (Dubai, UAE)

As a toddler I used to suck my thumb until I was about 6 years old. I would have never thought that it might lead to my teeth sticking out this much. I finally decided to do something about it a few years ago and was recommended eon Aligner by a friend of mine who had just finished her treatment.

Michael N. – 35 (Johannesburg, South Africa)

My treatment time took around 18 months overall and went by in a breeze! Best of all I could eat whatever I wanted in that time without having to worry about food getting stuck anywhere.

Juliana Z. – 31 (Ghent, Belgium)

I didn't want to do anything about my teeth when I was younger because I really didn't want to have to go visit the dentist once a month to have him pull and tighten wires. The prospect of it sounded scary! I had seen some of my friends suffer through braces and can say it didn't really encourage me.

Andrew L. – 27 (Reading, UK)

At first I didn't think the space between my front teeth was so bad that it would require treatment. I also wanted to avoid treating them having worn braces as a child. I didn't want to go have to go through that all over again especially at 33 years old and working in consulting where I spend a lot of time in my clients offices. My colleague at work was using eon Aligners and she recommended that I speak to my doctor about them.

Melanie S. – 33 (Bad Homburg, Germany)

I was worried about the long term effects of my bite. My lower teeth had come so far behind the front teeth that my lower teeth were showing signs of receding because of the odd bite.
My doctor told me that I shouldn't wait any longer and should plan to start the treatment sooner rather than later and not allow the teeth to deteriorate more.

Ghalia J. – 43 (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

4 easy steps to straighten your teeth

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Write to Us

Click on ‘Find a Doctor’ and fill in the form and one of our team members will put you in touch with an eon Aligner certified orthodontist.

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Your First Consultation

At your first consultation, your eon Aligner orthodontist will diagnose your occlusion and collect the necessary records for us to create your custom treatment plan.

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Treatment Plan

A few days after we have received your records, we will send you a customized 3D manifestation of your treatment plan for your doctor to approve.

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Have a Nice Smile

After wearing your aligners sequentially (each for a period of 2 weeks) you will be left with the smile you have always wanted!

Hear from our previous patients

Watch the video about teeth straightening experience using eon Aligners

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eon Aligner Success Examples

Sara E., Sweden

I’m so happy that I used eon Aligner before considering braces. My teeth are now finally aligned and now I can brush and floss without any issues!

Murat H., Turkey

My treatment time took around 18 months overall and went by in a breeze! Best of all I could eat whatever I wanted in that time without having to worry about food getting stuck anywhere.

Hassan A., Morocco

I was teased as a child for having a very big chin. My chin wasn't necessarily that big but my underbite gave the impression that it was. I used to believe that the problem would change as I got older but when I couldn't chew certain foods properly I knew I had to do something about it.

Diane S., United Kingdom

After my first visit, I was ecstatic to hear that I could fix the gap between my teeth using eon Aligner and didn't have to worry about putting on the metal brackets! The process was pretty straightforward and best of all I could brush my teeth and eat what I wanted during the treatment.

Khalid S., Saudi Arabia

I finally have a normal smile! Best of all, I didn't have to go through any pain or wiring.

Alaa A., Lebanon

For a while I had known that I had to do something about my teeth. Brushing my teeth and flossing became increasingly difficult and sometimes even painful. I heard about eon Aligner and thought I’d try it before considering braces.

Patricia C, UAE

My lower teeth are no longer receeding as they were before! The process was easy. I would pass by my doctors clinic once every 6 weeks for a ten minute check up and to pick up my next aligners.

Louis A., Belgium

I finally got rid of that crooked teeth fangs! It is now thankfully where it is supposed to be and I don't have to worry about it showing when I smile. I only wish I had treated it earlier before.

Frequently Asked Questions About eon Aligners

How do I get started?

You should leave your contact information, so one of our team members will contact you, to clarify the primary moments and give you the contacts of eon Aligner orthodontists in your city. After the examination and your decision to proceed, your orthodontist will show you a 3D video of your case, and explain how your teeth will rotate during the treatment.

What are the requirements?

eon Aligner can treat over 90% of malocclusions. However, a lot of people think their crooked teeth case is impossible to straighten. As a matter of fact, only a professional orthodontist can decide about your particular case, and tell you about your teeth straightening treatment in details.

Are there any other reviews?

You can get more patients' before and after cases with detailed changes on eon Aligner YouTube channel. Sometimes we publish fresh cases that are in progress on company Facebook page. It might be also useful to check our orthodontic blog.

How about the quality?

eon Aligners' quality is that what makes us proud! eon Aligner is made with an FDA-approved, medical-grade polyurethane material, which the Gardner Impact found to be almost twice as crack resistant our closest competitor’s. Check the comparison here.

How long will the treatment take?

Every case is unique, and only a doctor can tell you the approximate period and the amount of aligners you will need during the treatment. On average however most treatment plans will take between 6 to 13 months.

What is the price of eon Aligners?

Price depends on your case, and depends on the duration of treatment, the amount of aligners designed for you, and the specialist's time. You should book an appointment with an orthodontist to know the cost of your teeth straightening case.

Ready to start straightening your teeth? Set an appointment with a certified orthodontist today