Top Reasons Why You Should Remove Your Dental Aligner While Eating

Many of our patients wonder why we emphasize the importance of removing orthodontic aligners while eating or drinking non-clear, hot beverages, like coffee and tea.

  • 1. Avoid Breaking, Cracking or Distorting Your Aligner

    Chewing down on the aligner while you eat can potentially lead to the breakage, cracking, or distortion of the aligner due to the significant force exerted during chewing.

  • broken aligner
  • 2. Avoid Staining

    Colored liquids such as soda pops, coffee and tea can temporarily stain the dental aligner, which is why doctors will recommend that patients brush their teeth and clean their invisible braces after every meal.

  • stained aligner
  • 3. Invincible Braces

    Rest assured, eon Aligner has made sure your clear braces will not crack or stain as easily. We have developed a unique material that not only provides you with longer active force, but also one that is twice as crack-resistant and three times more stain resistant than other aligners available.

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