Overbite Be Gone: Zak's Story

Zak is a 41-year old accountant who decided to fix his overbite teeth with eon Aligner. He's wearing eon invisible braces for 2 months already. Know more about his experience of teeth straightening for an overbite case.

I have wanted to do something about my teeth for years now, they are a bit overcrowded and I have an overbite. At first, I thought my overbite was normal, it wasn’t until my dentist pointed it out to me that I realized it could be a serious issue.

Earlier this year I noticed that my lower teeth had begun to shift because my front teeth are knocking the lower ones. I waited a few months after that, and looked into treatment options in the meantime; the one thing I dreaded the most was the prospect of wearing braces. However, “invisible braces” kept coming up, and that’s how I came to learn about eon Aligner.

eon Aligner overbite case teeth straightening

I scheduled an appointment with a certified eon Aligner orthodontist the moment I read that aligners can treat overbite. Everything went smoothly from there; the impression, the 3D video, and the treatment plan. And although I still experience a discomfort the first day or so with a new aligner (you change 2 every month), just know that this discomfort is both temporary and bearable.

eon Aligner overbite case teeth straightening

Since aligners should be worn 20 – 22 hours a day, I came up with a routine: I take off the aligners the moment I wake up, then I brush teeth, clean the aligners, and I pop them back on. Then I prepare breakfast, I take them off, I floss and brush again, then I put them back on: I do this with every meal, and I avoid snacking because it would be a bit of a hassle. I also try not to take too long before I put the aligners back on, I think I consistently wear them for 22 hours at least each day.

eon Aligner overbite case teeth straightening

So with only 2 months in I can see some progress already: my overbite has improved, it’s slowly opening up, and the overcrowding is much better now – I can tell because flossing is no longer a chore.

eon Aligner overbite case teeth straightening

I am very excited to continue with my aligner treatment in the coming 6 months. To be honest though, I look forward to snacking, or eating altogether, without having to worry about cleaning my teeth [religiously] once I am done!

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