How to Strengthen Your Tooth Enamel?

Tooth enamel makes up the visible part of your teeth that cover the crowns. Made from highly mineralized substances, the enamel acts as the protector of your teeth but is susceptible to degradation.

A weak or degrading tooth enamel can leave you prone to a number of dental issues including teeth sensitivity, cavities, chipping and a lot more. If your tooth enamel shows early signs of tooth decay, there a number of approaches you can take, to possibly stop and reverse the teeth degradation:

    Eat Healthy Food
  • 1. Change Your Eating and Hygiene Habits

    Enamel decay is very frequently the result of a poor diet and the failure to take adequate care of your teeth.

    Removing or minimizing sugary, starchy and acidic foods from your diet and increasing the amount of nutrient rich dark leafy vegetables and proteins will help slow the decay of your tooth enamel. If you include fluoride and enamel hardening toothpaste and the occasional re-mineralizing treatment to your oral hygiene habits you may even reverse the decay (provided it has not reached a critical point).

  • Dental Help for Teeth
  • 2. If Needed, Seek Professional Help

    It may be the case that your tooth enamel has decayed to the point where you require professional, medical intervention.

    Your doctor might recommend a tooth bonding procedure which will smooth and whiten your affected teeth so that they blend in with the others surrounding them. Veneers are also an option if you would like to cover any rough or discolored teeth. If your tooth has decayed significantly, you may require a crown to cover the dentin tissue and protect your tooth from further damage.

  • Tooth Decay from Grinding
  • 3. Look Out for Potential Unexpected Causes of Tooth Decay

    Chronic dry mouth and difficulty producing saliva can lead to tooth decay. Saliva helps prevent demineralization of the teeth and a lack of it can be a sign of Sjorgen’s disease. Stomach related illnesses that result in acid reflex can also cause tooth decay as stomach acid can burn away tooth enamel.

    We also recommend to make sure your teeth are not under stress. Grinding and biting your teeth subconsciously can create an enormous amount of force on your tooth enamel that will gradually chip away at it.

Pay attention of what you eat, how carefully you brush and floss your teeth, visit your dentist twice a year for a regular checkup. eon Aligner team wishes many healthy smiles to you!

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