How to Prevent Crooked Teeth

A common misconception held by many is that if your teeth were not crooked at a young age, you most likely will not require any type of malocclusion treatment in your adult years. Unfortunately, teeth can become crooked at any age due to a number of reasons including age, genetics, tooth decay, exertion pressures and poor oral hygiene habits. However, there are a number of preventive measures that one can take to prevent teeth from becoming crooked.

  • 1. Don't sleep on your stomach

    The subtle, repetitive pressure exerted by lying on your stomach on your teeth will over time cause them to shift out of place and can lead to crowded or inward overlapping teeth (and resting your head on your arm in this position can accelerate the unwanted movements). Therefore, if you indeed do enjoy sleeping on your stomach, try to sleep on your back or side from time to time, to prevent your teeth from slowly shifting.

  • 2. Move your hands away while office desk writing

    With many people working in the office or studying at a desk for long periods and sitting wrong, it leads to a result of poor posture. When you move closer to your laptop and rest your face in your hand, this causes a lot of persistent pressure on one side of your jaw. This pressure can shift your teeth as well, bringing an unpleasant result: crooked teeth on one side of your jawline.

    Try to readjust your posture by checking that you are sitting on your bottom straight, and holding your back straight and square. This small checkup during the day will lead to less neck fatigue, so you will not need to rest your face in your hands.

  • 3. Fix subtle oral fixations

    Bad sleeping position and hand-face leaning makes an inward pressure causing crooked teeth. Yet another reason causing misalignments is by putting outward pressure on the mouth - and lots of people doing it unconsciously. Placing pen in your mouth, excessive usage of toothpicks, a habit of biting fingers while concentrating on something important, making bubbles while chewing gum - might be the reasons your teeth are getting crooked, day by day.

  • 4. Fix the gaps for any missing teeth

    While it is natural for baby teeth to give way to permanent teeth, a teeth damage for adults can cause numerous health issues, including malocclusions. Adults may lose teeth due to extractions, dental problems, injury, or permanent teeth never descending after the baby teeth fall out. The gap that appeared as a result of injury, dental troubles and extractions, causes more pressure on your teeth around, because of uneven force distribution, every time you chew something. Fixing the gap with aligners, dental implants, or partial fillings will give a relief to the existing teeth to move and become crooked.

  • 5. Get rid of your wisdom teeth

    While some tests claim that allowing your wisdom teeth to remain into the mouth does not push other teeth to become crowded, this statement is not 100% right for all mouths. If your wisdom teeth grow in a wrong position than they should be growing in your specific case, or your teeth are already crowded, wisdom teeth can rapidly cause dramatic teeth repositioning.

    Regular trips to your dentist and x-rays will uncover the early probability of crowding by wrong wisdom teeth movements. If your dentist recommends you to get rid of wisdom teeth, go for it as soon as possible. The delay will only lead to difficulties in chewing and dental infections, as well as the probability of crooked teeth.

What can I do with my crooked teeth?

If you already suffer from crooked teeth you should visit an orthodontist right away for a consultation. To find a certified doctor near you, fill in the form and our team will be in touch with you soonest to connect you with the nearest eon Aligner certified Orthodontist near you.

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