How to Cure Overbite Teeth?

An overbite (occasionally also referred to as overjet teeth) is the condition given to a certain type of malocclusion when the upper set of teeth cover the lower set of teeth due to a misalignment between the upper and lower jaws. It is often hereditary but can also result from habits developed at a young age such as thumb-sucking and tongue-thrusting to name a few.

Although many believe that it is a purely aesthetic issue, overbite can often lead to a number of health and dental problems in the long run including jaw pain, gum and tooth health issues, speech issues and even sleep apnea.

How can you correct overbite?

Overbite can be corrected at any age but it is advisable to correct the bite at a younger age as the jaws have not yet fully developed. Exceptionally overbite correction will require surgical intervention. However, the common treatment for overbite is orthodontics.

However, the common treatment for overbite is orthodontics.

Overbite will frequently be corrected using braces and clear aligners. Sometimes when there are difficult rotations that need to be made the orthodontist will make use of elastic bands and ‘buttons’ to help generate the force needed. You can see the orthodontic teeth straightening of overbite cases below.

Overbite Invisible Braces Treatment - Before & After:

Malocclusion Orthodontic Treatment with eon Aligners

Overbite Invisible Braces Treatment

See the case of overjet treatment with eon Aligner in our YouTube channel. You might also be interested in eon Aligner patient reviews.

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