The Evolution of Invisible Braces

Aligners, or so called transparent braces, can occasionally become odorous and may stain if the wearer has neglected taking proper care of them during orthodontic treatment of crooked teeth straightening. However, cleaning an aligner is very easy and doesn't take a lot of time. Here are a few tips and tricks how to take care of eon Alighers:

  • 1. Use Specialized Dental Cleaning Products

    Commercial products such as Retainer Brite or SonicBrite are available without prescription in many pharmacies. These cleaning tablets are great for cleaning your set of aligners and will also help you to get rid of the stains, in addition to eliminating almost 99% of any bacteria and microorganisms that might appear while eating with aligner, or putting them on straight after meal.

  • 2. Use Soft Toothbrush

    A very conventional yet effective way to clean your eon Aligners is to use a soft toothbrush. Place your aligner under running water and scrub the aligner thoroughly. We do not recommend using toothpaste because most of them contain abrasives that can slightly damage the surface of your clear aligner.

  • 3. Avoid Mouthwash

    Although applying mouthwash might seem like a logical solution, we don't recommend using it to clean your aligners. Previous studies conducted in a supervised environment have found that mouthwash is not as effective as one would assume at cleaning aligners and can occasionally stain/discolor the aligner, especially if the mouthwash is colored. Use it for your teeth brushing routine!

Whenever you decide to choose eon Aligners as the best solution to straighten your teeth, your orthodontist will explain you the full procedure you should follow through. You will also see the overall process for your teeth rotation and know the price of your eon invisible braces in the beginning.

To start the journey to your perfect smile, fill eon Aligner form, so eon Aligner consultant will contact you directly and advise an eon Aligner certified Orthodontist near you.

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