How to Choose The Best Dental Floss

Flossing is an integral part of maintaining your oral health that allows one to clean surfaces of your teeth that are otherwise not reachable by only brushing your teeth.

You wouldn’t wash half of your dirty plate before putting it back in your cupboard only to use it again the next day, would you? Neglection of the tooth floss will allow bacteria to grow in the areas between your teeth and underneath your gums and will eventually lead to dental plaque and gum disease. But what are the things one should look out for when choosing which floss to use?

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  • 1. Choose a thick floss when you have large gaps

    If you find that regular floss slides in very easily or you see visible gaps in-between your teeth it is advisable to use a thicker floss to make sure that you are actually flossing all the surfaces. A thicker floss will also make the act of flossing easier when big gaps are evident.

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  • 2. Choose a thinner floss for smaller spaces

    Just as a thicker floss is more suitable for larger spaces, a thinner floss is recommend when the spaces between your teeth are smaller. Avoid floss that is branded as "tape" or "super" as these will tend to be thicker and will have difficulty fitting between your teeth.

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  • 3. To wax or not to wax?

    Using waxed and unwaxed floss is very much a question of preference. Waxed floss can make it easier to floss when there are tight spaces and is especially recommended for patients who wear braces as it is less likely to get tangled in your braces. Some prefer to used unwaxed floss as it makes a squeaking sound against clean teeth, making it easier to know when teeth are clean.

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  • 4. Multifilament and single filament floss

    Ever wondered what the difference is? Multifilament is made from nylon whilst single filament on the other hand is made from rubber or plastic. Nylon is more common and is what is used most commonly in flosses; therefore, it’s less expensive. Multifilament will sometimes wear off if filings are not adapted between teeth or if small pieces of tartar are evident. Single filament is less prone to tearing and some patients feel that it glides easier.

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  • 5. When in doubt?

    If you are unsure of which floss to purchase, look for the American Dental Association (ADA) seal. This indicates that the product has been tested and reviewed by the Association and has been deemed effective and safe.

Happy flossing!

To floss and brush your teeth correctly is essentially important for keeping your teeth healthy. Yet if you have crowded teeth, it leads to poor oral hygiene, dental plague and gum diseases. If you are ready to correct your teeth and change your smile to the best, fill the treatment form today.

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