How to avoid needing braces in 3 easy steps

Millions of people around the world are currently straightening their teeth using a variety of tools. The most common appliance used to correct crooked teeth are braces, particularly for children.

There are measures that you can take however to minimize the chance that you or your children might require braces.

  • Prevent children at a younger age from needing braces

    1. If your child is frequently breathing through their mouth this may lead to a future misalignment of their teeth. As a child breathes through his mouth, the tongue is pressed down and outside pressures exert forces on their teeth. Over time, this can result in crooked teeth. Nasal problems, allergies or asthmas may be the cause of your child breathing often through their mouth, consult a pediatrician for diagnosis.

    2. Discourage thumb sucking from a young age. Children who suck their thumb are much more likely to require braces as they grow older. Thumb sucking can even lead to changes in bone structure and can cause difficulties which might not be correctable. Identifying triggers and positive reinforcement when your child is not sucking their thumb help them in developing healthier habits.

    3. Although we might assume that stress related symptoms are more likely to be present with adults, children are also prone to Bruxism (a periodical contraction of the muscles in the face that can cause teeth grinding). Talk to your child about stress, provide re-assuring support and seek the help of a professional if needed.

  • Find a suitable alternative to dental braces

    1. Retainers are normally worn after one has completed treatment with dental braces. However, if your teeth only require a small amount of correction, a retainer might be sufficient.

    2. Clear braces, such as eon Aligner, are just as effective as metal braces and are clear and removable. A popular alternative to adults and teens alike, aligners can correct almost all types of malocclusion without all the hassle associated with traditional braces.

  • Developing lifelong healthy habits

    1. To increase the chances of you not needing any orthodontic treatment make sure that you take good care of your teeth. Brush your teeth at least twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste and make sure to brush along the gum line and on your tongue.

    2. Brushing your teeth alone however is not enough. Make use of dental floss to reach the areas of your teeth where the your toothbrush cannot.

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