How Much Teeth Aligners Cost?

Crooked teeth can be really annoying, especially for adults. Every time you want to make a photo, you choose to smile less. While eating out with colleagues or your friends, you go for food that will not stuck between your teeth. While having an important meeting, you always ask yourself: "Do they really listen to what I'm saying or they look at my teeth?" It affects your life in a negative way, by bringing anxiety and lowering your confidence, no matter how good you are personally and professionally.

Moreover, the statistical numbers are showing bad news for people with crooked teeth: 47% of people you meet, notice your smile and evaluate you by your teeth. So, to have great natural smile and straight teeth is more important than investing in your skincare treatment (37%), or having a stylish wardrobe (7%).

The price of teeth aligners primarily depends on the following factors:

  • Case Complexity:

    The more complex your teeth situation is, the more aligner sets will be required which will result in a higher price point. You can't define by yourself if your teeth are difficult to straighten up, only an orthodontist can tell for sure. Some people give up without even having a consultation, and it's wrong. Clear aligners can solve lots of problems, including crossbite and crowding teeth cases, so don't decide by yourself!

  • Clinic strategy:

    Some dental clinics position themselves as premium/more expensive aligner providers whilst others compete on lower costs.

Prices for teeth aligners (clear braces) for adults may slightly vary from other factors. Every treatment case will be different, to achieve the best results possible for Your Teeth. eon Aligner is a great way to improve your smile and make you more confident and open. So, don't hesitate to ask for additional information from eon Aligner consultant, by filling our "Go Clear" form.

You will get a dental consultation about eon Aligners, contacts of a certified local orthodontist, and the average aligners' price for the overall orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth.

Meanwhile, check before & after invisible braces cases on our YouTube channel. And also follow Facebook eon Aligner page, to have more ideas about your smile improvement. You may also like to read Joseph's story of teeth straightening with eon Aligners.

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