How I Started eon Aligner Treatment

Shireen, an eon Aligner patient who wanted to straighten her teeth, shared with us her impression from eon Aligner treatment. Here's what she says:

I was asked by the good people at eon Aligner if I would be interested in writing a review about my experience so far, and honestly, I didn’t think twice.

So, what is eon Aligner? Basically, a clear, durable plastic mouthpiece that straightens your teeth the way braces do, only it’s virtually invisible. I was first introduced to aligners during a visit to my dentist. Ironically, I was only there for a cleaning, but as I chatted to both the hygienist and my dentist, it hit me: I have a problem with my crooked teeth – I don’t smile as often as I’d like, I’m self-conscious meeting people for the first time, and I can be reserved in social outings.

eon Aligner orthodontic strength test

As a first step, my dentist referred me to a certified eon Aligner orthodontist; I scheduled my initial consultation soon after. Once I had undergone the initial examination, I was shown the current state of my teeth and where they will be several months from now using a 3D demo video – we worked on a treatment plan, one that ensures I get the results I want within 12 months, as instructed by the orthodontist.

Then I received a set of custom-made clear aligners, based on the impressions and X-rays I made. I was to wear each aligner for two weeks, scheduling regular checkups with my orthodontist to make sure the teeth straightening treatment is going as planned. I cannot emphasize how important it is that you wear your aligners for 20 – 22 hours a day for optimal results; my last checkup showed significant progress because I live by those rules.

It has been 3 months now, and honestly, I love what I am seeing so far – some of my social habits have changed already; my confidence got a decent boost, and most of all I am paying extra attention to the cleanliness of my teeth and overall oral hygiene.

eon Aligner orthodontic strength test

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