eon Aligners vs. Other Transparent Aligners Comparison

A classic question our team is getting from people choosing between metal braces, eon Aligners and other transparent braces is "Why eon Aligner is different? Is there a comparison between different types of aligners?"

There are several great reasons why we think eon Aligners' characteristics are better than other aligner types for treating crooked teeth, as delivery time, aligners manufacturing process and the overall lab work. But first and foremost reason we think our eon orthodontic aligners are the best, is about the material quality.

We make our eon Aligners from a medical grade, FDA approved, polyurethane material.

If you already start choosing between various types of teeth straightening braces and aligners, you already know that aligners are made from different types of plastic. Most aligner manufacturers often use PET plastic (as in drinking water bottles). We make our eon Aligners from a medical grade, FDA approved, polyurethane material that has a number of features that were tested by the Intertek Plastics Technology Laboratories in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. Aligners are supposed to be worn for 22 hours a day, so you can imagine how the high-quality material is important in this case, being in your mouth, perfectly safe for your health.

Aligners Crack Resistance

The special material we use is almost twice as crack resistant as the closest aligner competitor out there. To test this, the team at Intertek would drop different weighted objects from a range of heights onto the different materials to see at what point they would eventually crack. Take a look at the results:

eon Aligner orthodontic strength test

You can again imagine yourself, how important this parameter in choosing invisible braces is. Less cracks means you are safe from bacteria growing on your aligner during the day.

More Odor- & Stain Resistant Aligners

Orthodontic aligners are meant to be worn for 20-22 hours a day and are meant to only be removed while eating, drinking or brushing your teeth. If each aligner is worn for 20 hours a day for 14 days that means that each aligner is worn for a minimum of 280 hours! That’s lots of opportunity for staining and odor retention which no one wants!

In their test, Intertek laboratory placed a range of various aligners into the mustard and then put them in the oven at 37 degrees for 24 hours, to see the real durability and stain resistance of aligner samples. eon Aligner was found to not only be the most odor and stain resistant, but in most cases, even after the mustard-dipping test, outperforming other "clean" aligners samples.

eon Aligner orthodontic resistance test

However, we find it important to remind you that eating and wearing aligners is not acceptable, so it's better for you to follow the initial instructions for cleaning and not to go extreme on your teeth and the aligner you're currently wearing.

Longer Active Force Test

While measuring "active force" durability of several aligner brands, the researchers were testing the duration for how long this or that dental aligner can ‘retain’ its original force. eon Aligner was found to be 13.9% more effective than other aligners!

eon Aligner orthodontic active force test

There are many aligner manufacturers worldwide, but none come quite as close as eon Aligner in providing you with the highest quality product and teeth straightening results.

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