Benefits of Adopting Aligners in Your Orthodontic Clinic

Aligners have become a mainstay of most, if not all, modern dental clinics. Not only do clear aligners allow the doctors to diversify the product offering and open a new revenue stream, they also as a very strong referral tool and involve significantly less chair time than traditional braces.

Many orthodontists today however will still price aligners at a significantly higher price point than metal braces due to their relative ‘novelty’. Doing so however might be leaving a significant value on the table. If implemented correctly, a proper aligner strategy can have a profound impact on a clinics profitability and cost structure.

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  • Less Chair Time = Shorter Treatment Time

    Aligner treatments require significantly less chair time. Fact! Placing brackets can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and requires a lot tightening which can be unpleasant for the patient. Aligners on the other hand are quite simple and the initial fitting session will not take the doctor more than 5 to 10 minutes on average.

    Tightening sessions and emergency visits, a staple of bracket treatment, become a thing of the past with aligners.

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  • Improving Profitability

    Clinics that have more aggressively adopted aligners in their practice and have gained the confidence to tackle more challenging cases with aligners have seen significant improvements in their bottom line.

    Since aligners require less chair time, a clinic is able to see and treat more patients during its operating hours. Additionally, aligners do not require the clinic to stock any brackets or parts that are required for aligner treatment. When accounting for other indirect costs such as overheads, salaries of assistants, adopting aligners increasingly becomes an economic as much as a clinical decision.

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  • Other Benefits to Adopt Aligners at Your Clinic

    Aligners also have a number of other great attributes that can greatly benefit a clinic. It allows for efficient scheduling, acts as a superb referral tool, helps differentiate the clinic and a whole lot more.

    For more information, refer to doctor's section of our website, check the comparison of eon Aligners with our aligner brands, and watch eon Aligner on YouTube.

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