Before and After eon Aligners: Joseph's Case

One of our readers asked us recently to show them what kind of orthodontic treatment can be completed in 3-month time. This particular reader has recently had an orthodontic consultation with an eon Aligner provider and was curious to know what kind of teeth straightening results can be achieved fast and easy.

Joseph, a 35 year old male who works in management consulting and spends most of the time talking with his clients. He was choosing among various types of dental braces, and obviously he didn't want to wear metal braces, or porcelain braces. And it was understandable: no one wants people to get distracted from his talk just because he wears braces! So, eon Aligners, made from the transparent medical material, removable during food and invisible while wearing them, became a perfect option for Joseph to improve his crooked teeth and get a nice smile he always wanted.

Watch the video of Joseph's story of teeth straightening with eon Aligner's clear braces.

If you feel yourself shy because of crooked teeth, and trying to avoid smiling openly in public, most probably eon Aligners can solve this problem for you. Your journey to a beautiful smile starts now: simply fill in your information in this form, and our consultant will contact you to answer any questions you may have about eon invisible teeth braces, and will provide you with the contact information of eon Aligner certified Orthodontist in your city.

Meanwhile, you can check more before and after teeth images of successful eon Aligner cases.
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