Aligners Case Study – Interview with Sandra

Sandra is a former eon Aligner patient, living and working in Dubai, UAE. Previously we've published her unexpected benefits of eon Aligner, and she agreed to share her case progress and talk about her teeth straightening experience. Here is the story she told us during the interview.

  • The Big 3-0

    If I weren't sure how fast time flies, I would made myself fully aware of it when my 30th Birthday came around! Where did all of the other 29 years go? It seems just like yesterday that I had graduated from high school and began writing my college application essays (and seems even more recent that I had graduated from college and moved to Dubai!).

    But there I was in the office kitchen when one of my colleagues asked me how I planned to celebrate my birthday next week. I didn’t have an answer ready, but I did notice something different about her. That was the same person who had told me a year ago that she was planning on straightening her teeth. I never thought much of it, but I noticed that the small gap in her smile was not there anymore. However, I could not remember her wearing big metal braces at all.

    Eager to change the subject away from my birthday, I decided to ask her: “Jenna, what did you do to your teeth? The gap is closed, but I don’t remember you wearing any brackets”. She laughed and told me about eon Aligner and gave me her orthodontist’s contact details.

    Removable, practically invisible braces and capable to straighten teeth? I was suspicious at first, but decided to book myself an appointment.

  • The First Appointment

    I walked into the clinic 4 days later, not quite sure what to expect. The consultation was about 25 minutes. The orthodontist checked my teeth and explained me that I had a mild case of crowding on my lower teeth and that I had a few treatment options which I could consider including eon Aligners. I mentioned to him that I have been wearing metal braces as a teenager and really didn't have any intention of going through that again (plus I really didn’t want to limit the foods that I could eat).

    The doctor gave me more info about eon Aligners and how they will work, rotating my teeth slowly and without any pain. I was skeptical at first, but the doctor reassured me that he had corrected many sets of teeth using eon Aligners.

    So, I've decided to make myself a birthday gift there and then. My crowded teeth were something I was always shy about, and the dentist's explanation about aligners seemed pretty reasonable.

    Let's do it,’ - I said.

    So, the doctor took my record and told me to come back next week for a review of my treatment plan. It took me only 6 months to finish the full orthodontic treatment, and it was easier that I thought it would be.

  • My opinion from the teeth straightening process

    I'd say that most people with crooked teeth think their case is too complex, or impossible to be improved, especially with crowding teeth.

    What I'd recommend to all people with crooked teeth problem: don't decide by yourself, find an orthodontist and go for a proper dental consultation. Only a professional can estimate your teeth condition and tell you about the possible options of teeth straightening.

    And, of course, if it's possible in your situation, ask about eon Aligners, because it's safe, not noticeable for other people, and easy for your eating habits and teeth brushing. I'm glad I've made my teeth better, because it will stay with me till the rest of my life, so it was the greatest birthday gift ever.

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