5 Questions to Pick the Best Orthodontist

It is a widely accepted rule of thumb that one should visit a general dentist every 6 months for a regular check-up. Many people will however require the services of a specialized orthodontist if they need to correct their malocclusion, address their overbite or a plethora of other indications.

When looking for a suitable orthodontist, it is important to ask a number of questions before deciding who to trust with your teeth.

  • 1. What is Your Orthodontic Experience?

    Knowing which universities and advanced courses your orthodontist has attended can be an important factor in your decision making process, but actual clinical experience can in many cases be just as much if not an even more critical factor, especially if you are considering aligner (clear braces) treatment. Orthodontic aligners are a relatively new technology in the dental field and orthodontists have varying degrees of experience using them. If you would like to find a suitable aligner practitioner, send us a message and one of our team members will provide you with the contact details of one near you.

  • 2. What are Your Working hours?

    Make sure you select an orthodontist whose practice is open at a convenient time. For many working parents, scheduling can become a real nightmare. Choose an orthodontist whose clinic times and emergency hours work around your busy schedule.

  • 3. What Options are Available?

    Be sure to ask your orthodontic care specialist questions about which options are available. Your teenager or your partner may have concerns about wearing regular metal braces. Fortunately traditional braces are not your only option. Many clinics will nowadays offer less visible braces, clear aligners and lingual braces which are located on the back surface of the teeth.

  • 4. How Long Will The Treatment Take?

    It is one the most frequently asked question that orthodontists face: How long will I have to wear braces? The average treatment time is approximately 24 months with regular braces (and approximately 13 months with eon Aligner). Along with the estimate of the case duration, be sure to ask your doctor how often you should plan to visit the clinic for a check-up.

  • 5. What's The Cost of Orthodontic Treatment?

    Different orthodontists will charge different costs. Speak to friends who have previously undergone treatment and don’t be afraid to ask the orthodontist what the expected costs would be.

If you are interested in teeth straightening, you can contact eon Aligner, so we will provide you with the information about certified orthodontists in your city. We are inviting the best orthodontists to work with our aligners (invisible braces), as well as organizing practical courses and seminars, so they can be informed about eon Aligner product.

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