5 Advantages of Having Straight Teeth

When deciding to wear braces or dental aligners, patients have one goal in mind: they want to smile with confidence. But do you ever stop to think, why is having straight teeth actually important?

There are numerous benefits to having straight teeth, and today we bring you 5 of them.

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  • 1. Healthier Gums

    Patients with crowded or spaced teeth often face inflammation or redness of the gums, both signs of periodontal disease. Having straight teeth means your gums fit securely around your teeth, which protects you from periodontal problems.

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  • 2. Easier Cleaning

    Straight teeth make it easier to clean your teeth; with unevenly spaced teeth, and sometimes in the case of metal braces or brackets, food might get stuck in unreachable crevices. Crooked teeth not only make brushing and flossing a daunting chore, but also they can lead to plaque buildup and tooth decay.

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  • 3. Fewer Mouth Injuries

    You know what can cause cuts, sores and infections in the mouth? Crooked teeth. The constant friction between your teeth, gums and mouth can push soft tissue in irregular patterns, making you more prone to mouth injuries. With straight teeth the possibility of such injuries occurring is significantly lower.

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  • 4. Slower Tooth-wear

    Upper or lower teeth crowding can often cause one or more teeth to jut out, which in turn can cause teeth to rub against each other. This eventually leads to inefficient chewing, and excessive wear to tooth enamel over time. Straight teeth will help you preserve tooth enamel as well as minimize chances of tooth breakage.

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  • 5. Improved Self-esteem and Confidence

    Just as it is important to look after your physical health, it is equally important to pay attention to your mental health. It is a proven fact that a better looking smile can boost your confidence and encourages you to smile more often, but ultimately it is about you feeling good about yourself.

Straight teeth don’t only mean a perfect smile, but rather improved dental health that prevents chronic, and sometimes painful, problems.

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