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eon Aligner Material Difference

See eon Aligner material tests in comparison with other clear aligners

The Difference is Clear. EON Outperforms All Other Available Aligners

eon Aligner uses the latest technology and the highest quality materials for orthodontics.

1) Significantly more crack resistant than the competition

eon Aligner is made with an FDA-approved, medical-grade poly-urethane material, which the Gardner Impact found to be almost twice as crack resistant our closest competitor’s.

Crack Resistant aligner comparison

2) Significantly more odor and stain resistant.

Stains and odors can gather quickly on dental appliances, and cling to them – but not ours. This table shows what happened when our material was immersed in mustard and kept in an oven at 37˚C for 24 hours.

Odor stain resistant aligner comparison

3) Stronger for longer

The materials used provides continuous force. Over 24 hours, our material retains 32.8% of its active force – compared to 18.9% for conventional aligner material. This means that our aligners do a better job at moving your teeth to the correct position.

Dental aligner durability comparison

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