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eon Aligner. The Difference is Clear



Why Choosing eon?

Improved Patient Experience

Aligners are more convenient, more hygienic, and more attractive than traditional braces, relying on world-leading technology that reflects well on your practice.

Increased Profitability

Clinics that provide eon Aligners have seen dramatic improvements in profitability, such as revenue per patient and per visit increase, with minimal expenditure on overhead and supplies.

New Revenue Stream

Attracting new patients – those previously deterred by traditional malocclusion treatment – has been shown to increase revenue by up to 25%.

Less Chair Time

On average, eon Aligner treatment requires 18% of the chair time demanded by traditional orthodontic treatment.

Diverse Offering

eon Aligner covers a wide range of malocclusion needs.

Strong Referral Tool

Almost 45% of new aligner cases are referrals from previous patients.

Treatable indications

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The Difference is Clear

More Flexible

The resin we use provides superior elasticity and continuous retention force, while our wide range of biomechanical elastics and attachments allow for complex movements.

More Tailored

Our range of treatment options covers all types of cases, from mild relapse to severe malocclusion.

Superior Assesment Technology

Our proprietary patient management portal allows doctors to track all patient progress easily, monitor and amend movements, order mid-course adjustments, and visualize it all using 3D software.

Free Midcourse Adjustments

eon aligner offers free midcourse adjustments between every stage of shipments

Faster Delivery Times

On average, our aligners are delivered 38% faster than competing aligner brands.

Stereolithography Fabrication

This type of fabrication allows us to provide the highest resolution aligners available using the most up to date technology.

Material Difference

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Aligner Case Studies

Check for orthdontic treatment cases with eon Aligner. The difference is clear.

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