High Quality,
High Value

Quality aligners constructed from a superior material. Proven track record of life-changing smile transformations and clinical success.

Trim Lines For Optimal Comfort

Scalloped trimlines offer a more comfortable fit, improving patient commitment and reducing treatment duration.

High Resolution 3D Printers

Precise aligner design with the aid of high resolution 3D  printers, resulting in less apparent layer lines.

Perfect Finish

Trimmed and hand-finished to ensure smooth contours with better precision.

Nearly Invisible

Our finishing techniques ensure clear and less noticeable aligners.

Aligner Material

Eon Aligner is made of a medical-grade, polyurethane material with a 3-layer material construction, delivering constant forces on the teeth, gently.


Rigid outer layer

Protects the aligner from wear and tear, surface scratches, or damage from teeth grinding forces from the opposing arch.


Elastomeric middle layer

Makes the aligner more flexible and elastic.


Inner Layer

Fits the teeth securely and gives better control over tooth movements.

Faster & More Comfortable Treatments

Eon Aligner applies 40% less initial force than other aligner materials on insertion. This, combined with Eon Aligner's 150% higher orthodontic force over time, makes teeth movements faster and more comfortable. Ultimately, doctors can shorten the overall treatment time and reduce the number of aligner wear hours (Zendura Dental, 2022).

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Custom Made by Us

Eon Aligner is tailor-made for each patient using the latest 3D printing technology, thermoforming machines, and trimming techniques. Quality checks are done throughout the manufacturing process to ensure the perfect aligner fit.